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  • All notes (blank and filled), video notes, homework, and homework solutions for my classes are posted on this website on a daily basis.

  • I update Aeries every day and send out e-mails of grades every week.

    • This is the best way to see if there are missing assignments

  • The majority of my homework is assigned on Khan Academy

  • My e-mail: (I will always respond within 24 hours)

  • My Zoom room is: 760-709-0000

Math Formulas and a Calculator

Math Resources

desmos scientific.png

Need a calculator? Look no further. This is one of the most efficient calculators online.


Need a digital compass and straight edge? This is a great drawing tool for Geometry.

wolfram alpha.png

Need a more computational knowledge engine? This is like Google, but for getting answers.

desmos graphing.jpg
Desmos Grapher

Need to graph a function? This is hands-down the best free graphing calculator online.


Want free step-by-step solutions? This site is great to help with algebra & calculus

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